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Sir. Level Frontend Developer

Indianapolis, IN
Product Development
Bug fixing Features on roadmap We're looking for Sir Dev leaders to help take charge in a fast growing organization. . . It is no question that the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing have left society in shock. What is in question; however, is the future of our society and the way we network. With the awareness of germs and human health at an all time high, change can be expected. Regularities such as large group meet ups, shaking hands, passing business cards or using someone else's phone may very well be a thing of the past. Despite this, our team believes we have the perfect solution to this problem all in the form of an app called Plug. Goodbye business cards, germs, and errors… Hello Plug Plug is your quicker alternative to business cards and exchanging information. In just a few taps, connect with anyone in your field of work or interest within Plug’s 50 mile radius. Take advantage of easily sharing your social media and business within one click. This incredible app gives you the opportunity to maximize your potential at home when connecting with others is limited. Our mission is to innovate the way that technology works together. We challenged ourselves to eliminate the pain of navigating between several apps when tasking on your phone. That being said, our current focus brings a solution to the complication of sharing information. We often find ourselves handing phones to strangers, receiving countless amounts of business cards and updating dozens of social media sites all to simply share information. Plug helps you organize and keep track of your connections in one easy to access application. Plug’s ultimate goal is to bring back human interaction. Our app allows you to bypass the fluff and dive into the heart of what makes connections strong; passion. Thanks to our team, it has never been easier to find locals with similar interests, hobbies, and professions as you! Without Plug, you may never have had that conversation with your new business partner, found inspiration for your next big project or even have found your next gig! More importantly, you would never have found that opportunity if you weren’t networking with others. We see a new world that bypasses the need to have social validation through multiple streaming platforms. Our entire team has dedicated themselves to providing users with the tools that allow them to be who they want to be. Lastly, the Plug team has a strong passion and care for the environment. Plug has made it an effort to contribute to the preservation of our planet. Forget using paper, printing hundreds of business cards or making flyers… simply use Plug! Despite the effects of COVID-19, people can still make connections up to 50 miles away. The Plug team is in support of bettering our community, our future and believe this will be a solution for both. We believe our app will drastically affect the gig and small business economy; which has unfortunately plummeted since the outbreak. No longer will COVID-19 take away our opportunity for success, instead we make our own. Why: We believe that all humans should have the ability to live a fulfilled life. With our platform, users will be able to network in an easier, timelier fashion than ever before, resulting in a global collaborative network. Our hope is that the creation of the network will allow those to pursue passions at a much quicker and educated fashion than we have ever known. In addition, people will build stronger relationships on both a business and social level. This network dissolves the excuse many make when they say they are “not able to find their people.” Their people are now one search away. Purpose: We believe that love, unity, and collaboration are the core factors for making the world a better place. Our belief is that giving power back to the people will allow them to be whoever they want to be. We want to stand up against BIG brothers and the tech giants that are suffocating the world, and we aim to do this by challenging the status quo. We embrace those who think differently and support those who stand up for what they believe in.
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